Stu Marshall - On The Road With Steve Grimmett

Stu Marshall has been treading the boards on Australian and international stages with some of the biggest names in metal for many years now…. He cut his teeth in the legendary Dungeon and went on to play in Pain Division as well as the Empires of Eden Project So we thought it would be time to catch up and get the lowdown on the forthcoming tour with legendary vocalist Steve Grimmett (Onslaught, Grim Reaper) and catch up on news regarding Stu’s bands Empires of Eden and Pain Division

Ok Stu give us the lowdown on how you got this thing going with Steve Gimmett? "The Steve Grimmett tour came together as we have been working on material for the forthcoming Empires of Eden CD, which I’ll talk about later. Steve was interested in coming out to Australia, it’s a place he has always wanted to visit. Through our friendship we talked about a short run of shows and it was as easy as that. Apart from Sydney, we are looking for the metalheads in Canberra and Wollongong to come on down in March."

While older metal heads will recognize Steve Grimmett from the aforementioned bands why should younger metal heads pile into the venues to see this guy perform? "This is going to be a heavy show! Steve is one of the greatest voices in metal, a true legend and he still has the amazing voice. We reduced the ticket price to make it comparitively affordable for an international artist. The really cool thing about the show is we cover a diverse range of material from his thrash years in Onslaught, the heavier hard rock from Lionsheart and the traditional screaming metal from Grim Reaper."

Grim Reaper were a serious part of the NWOBHM. "Everyone needs to check his videos out on youtube, we also have special facebook page for the tour with all the videos he’s done – just search for helldownunder."

Is Steve Grimmett and influence on yourself and your band and how has Steve and his band(s) influenced your journey as a musician? "Steve and his writing are a huge influence. The album In search of sanity by Onslaught is a real thrash classic and I played that obsessively. It was really after that I found Steve’s earlier material with Grim Reaper and got into that."

Ok, what is the go with Empires of Eden? You have some very impressive names that you are performing with, but is this a live band or more a ‘studio’ type project? "It’s a studio project but, many of the singers want to kick it out live. The last album featured Zak Stevens (Savatage), Mike Vescera (Yngwie Malmsteen), Sean Peck (Cage) and of course Steve Grimmett. All in all, 8 singers on the album including some incredible Australian singers. I started Empires of Eden in 2007 from material I had from Dungeon that never made the albums. So, two albums on, it’s signed to three labels over 4 territories and doing very well. Album three is in the works now with a larger guest list."

How is Pain Division going these days; any new records or tours on the horizon for the band? "It’s funny you ask about Pain Division, it’s kind of breaking news. We wrote 13 songs for the followup to One Path that was released in 2007 and after some personnel changes and time off, we have hit the studio and will be releasing a new album this year. These songs are far more aggressive than the previous album with a Slayer meets Arch Enemy feel. An EP is being produced as we speak and should be released in May or June."

Stu Marshall and Steve Grimmett will be assaulting Australian ears on the following dates;

MARCH 8th at The Patch in Wollongong

MARCH 9th at the Basement in Belconnen

MARCH 10th at the Sandow in Newtown Sydney

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