Mothers Ruin: "We Love it live!"

Mothers Ruin - They rock, and they want you to know about it...


A long time ago in my maelstrom teenaged environment of depthcharge-enhanced session lagers, epic road and rail trips to see the ‘mighty’ Queens Park Rangers lose in towns and cities all over England, failed knee tremblers and, let’s face it, the corrupting influence of what Rock Goddess would have called Heavy Metal Rock n’Roll, one band accompanied me throughout, a band whose debut album, the titanic Lettin’ Loose, is one of the great lost albums of eighties metal. That band, so memorably described with in the pages of metal bible turned emo jazz mag Kerrang by scribe Howard Johnson as ‘wearing the sort of clothes you’d wear yourself if you could afford ‘em’, was Heavy Pettin.

They are no more, of course; the vagueries of record company politics and a dubious decision to enter the Eurovision Song Contest allied with shifting musical mores did for the band before it had the chance to fully fulfil its potential, but, in an exciting development, former Pettin’ drummer Gary Moat is back on the scene with a new band, Mothers Ruin. He’s not thumping the tubs anymore, however – the affable Scotsman is fronting this mob and is keen to talk up the new project, a wish we here at MaF HQ were happy to accommodate. Off you go, Gary, ‘let loose’, as it were…

Mothers Ruin – what prompted you to form an all-new band? Absolutely everyone of Heavy Pettin’s contemporaries seem to have reformed over the last couple of years, whether people wanted them to or not – would it not just have been easier to take the reformation option? “No. The original Heavy Pettin wont reform, Hamie (HP's (seemingly helium-voiced vocalist of legend) has his own version of the band over in the USA, or did have a few years back. I prefer singing to playing drums so Mothers Ruin is the new band.”

How would you describe Mother’s Ruin’s music, and is it markedly different in style from HP? “Straight ahead blues rock, AC/DC style, you know? It has a good raw edge live. Heavy Pettin were more refined at times. I did write most of the HP melodies so some people might hear some similarities.”

Who’s in the band, and how did you go about putting it together? “Adrian Dunn on lead guitar, he is just one awesome guitarist, Mick Ivory on drums, Joe Thomas on bass guitar he`s also a mega talent! We`ve known each other for years, been in and out of various bands so when it came to putting a band together I knew who I wanted right from the off!”

Is starting a band much different in 2012 to when you took your first steps in the music industry all those years ago? Does the internet make things easier or harder? “Well back in the day it was easy just to say let’s go do it, anytime or place because you are young and carefree, but now everyone`s older with kids, jobs, lives…   getting together is a major operation! The internet is great for getting the name out to the world, yes. But it has also taken the money to fund the albums and tours away because of downloading!”

Ah yes, the now to be ever more eternal circular argument. So with the evils of downloading still uppermost in our minds, what plans have you for releasing Mother’s Ruin’s music? And what do you think about the bands these days that simply give their music away in the face of rampant apathy and/or theft from the ‘kids’? Is that a viable option for you?  “We are going to record the album this year, it should be out early next year and we hope to get out to promote it if we can. Why would anyone give it away for free? Where do they make money? Not from playing live as no one wants to pay you for that either these days! Christ, remind me why i do this? (laughs)’

You may well ask… but back for a moment to times passed. Your first album  with Heavy Pettin was recorded under the guidance of Brian May – how was that for you, having recorded only a few lo-cost releases up til then? And do you use any of the recording techniques you learned then to this day? “Brian May was just amazing, a great guy, a great guitarist. He taught us a lot about vocals but he never played a guitar the whole time; Two months, we were with him! As for recording techniques, It’s good to learn new stuff!”

And finally, anything else you want the readers of Metal as Fuck to know about Mother’s Ruin?  Any manifestos, statements of intent, et cetera? “We are Mothers Ruin, we Rock, we ain’t young, we ain’t pretty,come see us if you get the chance… We love it live! Thank you Metal as Fuck!” 


Gary Moat in his drumming days...