Mnemic Has The Eye on Your Back

We finally have the chance to come to Australia!

Mnemic have always held a soft spot with this weathered Journo, as an avid Industrial Metal fan, I couldn’t get enough of the self proclaimed ‘Future Fusion Metal’ and identical to Metal As Fuck, Mnemic are made of metal and their circuits gleam! Mnemic: 'Mainly Neurotic Energy Modifying Instant Creation' is the next level of Industrial/Progressive music and undeniably so, the band offers a crisp and mechanical sound with the underlining message of the world run amuck with technology, the band, still young are proficiently holding the reigns from the zeniths of the genre and are soon to release their fifth album Mnemesis. As Metal As Fuck were so eager to chat the band, I found myself in a Dreamstate Emergency and unintentionally called a day earlier, much to guitarist Mircea’s surprise…..

So for those unacquainted with Mnemic how did the band form? “We all lived in the same town in Denmark (Aalborg), we grew up together you know, we were all into the music, all having either prog or death metal backgrounds, it was just inevitable that we would form something eventually you know and it wasn’t until we heard an album that created a new genre of metal, that blew us all away; Destroy Erase Improve by Meshuggah. We then felt inspired to let something loose”.

Where did you want to take the music? “The entire world! Mircea screams with a chuckle “We want to take the music of Mnemic to whomever listens to metal; music you know is very noble for the soul, if you can touch people with your creativeness, it’s not a bad thing”.

Mircea, you are one of the founding members of the band, what was the biggest challenge to get where you are now? “Ummmm, the biggest challenge was…. I have no idea [Laughs] I don’t really see any of it as a challenge because I never thought we’d get here you know, we all felt good about the music and it was the music that got us here, the music was breakthrough for its time and I guess we got lucky with a lot of things, I mean opening for Metallica so early in our career, plus touring with elite bands in the industry and having large industry names jump on your band wagon and aid in producing an album has been phenomenal and all helped a great deal”.

The music of Mnemic has always been the fusion between tech industrial and progressive metal, with heavy servings of the tech industrial. The new album Mnemesis encompassing just this, what was the design behind it? “Lots of things really, during the writing of our last album, Sons of The System a lot of things happened to the band, (past) members had other priorities, the drummer couldn’t participate and I think it was definitely a case of me, just me, wanting to create a new album, reason being was so I could vent out all the inner demons I had from the previous year, I love playing music and I just needed to do this, writing of how creatures flow in life basically”.

What makes this album Mnemic? “Basically the new energy with the new lineup has created a new face for the band, the new members all with their new opinions which has always been something we cultivate in Mnemic. This album takes us back to the beginning you know, the direction we are use to, the last offering from Mnemic was sort of Rock you know so we wanted to get back to the industrial, progressive elements that make Mnemic”.

The music embraces technology, that futuristic element, is this element the bands niche? And was it the primary intention? “Definitely, for me personally I was inspired by the Matrix film, it was more of a wakeup call really, technology has changed the way we live, sometimes for the better but mostly for the bad. I mean look at Facebook for example, the whole thing creates aggressive narcissists hiding behind a wall, kids growing up with media physiological effects – there are so many consequences for these behaviors and crude exhibitions, and we send these messages through the music of Mnemic”.  

Whilst encompassing all these ideas into the music what would have been the biggest challenge writing the album? “Basically the position of the lineup, all the behind the scenes work to pull it off, creating an album with time constraints” Who or what created these time constraints? “Well just the fact that we hadn’t produced an album in a few years, they were our time restraints I guess, plus some added pressures of ‘newsfeeds’ we always try to write within the thought, this generally give us a good time period as we don’t get off course, you know so we can capsulate the intent of the message. There are always challenges when writing/recording a new album; we try not to dwell on them”. [Laughs]

So has the material of Mnemesis been played live as yet? “Yeah we played a fourteen day tour and finished about a week ago I think, played one song live during the shows, the response for the fans has been great so far, the new album is something to hear, just the right amount of brutal and groovy”.

The band is finally coming to Australia! I have to say; ecstatic was an understatement when I heard this news. How long have the band wanted to head to Australia for a tour? “A very, very, very long time [Laughs] we have always wanted to head to Australia and the band are now at that point where there is just enough interest to make that big leap. We are finally getting the chance to come to Australia, so ecstatic is an understatement hear to [Laughs]

Mnemic venture to Australia for the next instalment of the Whiplash Festival, this October brought to you by Deadsets Promotions be sure to grab yourself a ticket and throw yourself into the pit of this mechanical monster.