'Every home should have one? Holy Diver. There IS no excuse!' - My Record Collection with Lord's Andy Dowling

The affable bassist takes us for a spin around his discs. And a few hundred tapes for good measure.

Andy, the awful excuse for humanity that is the MaF team is coming to your house tonight. What new music are you most excited to introduce us to? What are you making everyone listen to at the moment?

Work of Art to annoy everyone with my AOR obsession, and the new Accept album cranking (complimented by beers, of course).

Five hours later we’ll still be there and, inevitably, Mick Strong will have outstayed his welcome. Politely, you’ll be wanting to get rid of us – what goes on the stereo to clear the house?

CherHeart of Stone. Fucking killer album, that I’ll rock out to and everyone will hate (not me - AOR-loving Ed.)

What was the first record you can remember hearing at home? Did it have any effect on where you are today?

Monster Mash. Musically it didn’t do much, but the artwork on the record jacket was so cool. 

And what was the first record you bought with your own money? And why?

Record? Ah might have been SaxonRock the Nations. CD wise it could have been Megadeth’s So Far, So Good… So What! I owned lots of rock cds/tapes/records before that, but those were most likely my first purchases (from what I can remember).

Any records in the collection you bought because you liked the cover, only to get them home and realize you’d made a terrible, terrible error?

Yeah, heaps of 90s death metal that I bought second hand when I was in my teens. Cool covers, but unknown eastern European bands playing below-standard death metal riffs.

If you didn’t answer this in question (3) what was the first record to make you think you might like to try your hand at rock n’roll yourself?

Not very original, but it would have been …And Justice for All.

And what record is so good it makes you feel like giving the whole game away every time you hear it?

No such thing. If they’re that good, then they get me completely psyched to keep pushing and doing what I love.

What record for you most fits the term ‘Metal as Fuck’

I wouldn’t say that any of my albums are a ‘fuck’(?), but the most metal albums I own would have to be either King DiamondAbigail, or Overkill The Years of Decay. You can’t get much more ‘metal’ than those two.

What decade is most represented in your record collection?

80’s. Without a doubt.

What would you recommend to unbelievers as the best ‘entry level’ metal record in your collection?

Iron MaidenLive after Death.

And what album from your collection should be in every other home in the land, apart from one of your own?

DioHoly Diver. There IS no excuse.

What’s the vinyl/CD split of your collection

300/1,500/300 (roughly – includes cassettes for kicks)

And finally, what record would you take with you to the next world, if such as thing exists?

Speaking only of metal, then it would be Black SabbathDehumanizer. Although I’m sure I would change my mind at the last minute.