What is a Hospital Corner? - Twenty Questions with Vomitory's Tobias Gustafsson

The genial Swedish drummer may not be able to make a bed properly, but he does know one thing at least - the cast of Glee should cover Eternal Trail of Corpses...

(1) Who are you, and what do you do?
I am Tobias Gustafsson, drummer first and foremost in Vomitory, but also in Torture Division and The Project Hate MCMXCIX

(2) Where are you?
At home, in Karlstad, Sweden

(3) What will the next food that passes your lips be?
Fried chicken filet and gratin made of asparagus and pimiento and mangoraja sauce

(4) If we’re speaking to you, it may well be because you’ve got something to sell – tell us a little about it.
The new Vomitory album, Opus Mortis VIII. It’s death metal and you will probably love it. You gotta try it!

(5) What’s the best thing about being in your band?
I get to play drums and play good festivals.

(6) And the worst?
Things don’t tend to work as smooth as I would like. But that has more to do with other factors than the actual band I’m playing in.

(7) Where would you most like to perform that you haven’t already been to?
Japan and Australia.

(8) Was it a bad thing for Judas Priest to appear on American Idol?
It was probably a good thing for them, but from my personal point of view, I think it was their crappiest idea ever.

(9) Who or what first alerted you to the fact that you’d like to be a musician?
I don’t know. I’ve always been attracted to music and especially drums. I played the pots and pans in the kitchen before I could walk. But it wasn’t until I was around 6 when I realized I wanted to play in a band and reach rock stardom. That last part is yet to come…

(10) Who would win in a fight between a badger and a baboon? Why?
The baboon, because it’s quicker, got more evil teeth and is more aggressive than the badger. What the fuck do I know…

(11)  Motley Crue or Nirvana?
Mötley all the way.

(12)  A genie grants you 24 hours as a member of another band – who do you join?
Iron Maiden.

(13)  Are Cds a dead medium for music delivery?
No. We still sell them.

(14)  Only a fool comes off tour with less money in his pocket than he started with. Discuss.
I don’t agree with that, since most musicians (who are passionate about their craft) get shit payment for their work. To be able to go on tour at all, one sometimes has to be willing to make sacrifice to gain something in the long run.

(15)  What sort of music can you absolutely not abide?
Reggae. I hate Reggae with all of my heart.

(16)  Which of your songs would you like the cast of Glee to record?
They could pick any song, as long as we get to hang with the chicks. But Eternal Trail of Corpses would be a good choice.

(17)  What one item of non-musical equipment can you not do without on tour?
My cell phone.

(18)  Can you do a Hospital Corner?
No, what is that?

(19)  Here’s one last chance to spruik your band/tour/album... What else should we know about it?
Our new album, Opus Mortis VIII, is very well executed, has an amazing production, has killer artwork and most importantly – killer songs. Fans of true traditional death metal should find something to like about this album. And while you’re at it, and haven’t heard Vomitory before, check out our previous seven (!) albums too.

(20)  20 questions was brought to you by?
Vince Edwards of Metal Blade Records.