"We're blazing the road to rock and roll glory!" - Twenty Questions with Trucker Diablo

Another band member with no idea what a hospital corner is - What are they teaching them in schools these days?

Who are you, and what do you do?
I’m Tom from Trucker Diablo and I am the lead singer and Guitar player in the band.

Where are you?
Right now sitting in work in Northern Ireland writing up these answers…

What will the next food that passes your lips be?
Pot Noodle, Chicken and Mushroom

If we’re speaking to you, it may well be because you’ve got something to sell – tell us a little about it.
Trucker Diablo, Northern Irish hard rock band, We played Download 2011, We recently signed an American record deal and are blazing the road to rock and roll glory…

What’s the best thing about being in your band?
Getting to play the music we love to the rock masses…

And the worst?
The amount of work it takes to get it to the rock masses…

Where would you most like to perform that you haven’t already been to?
I think Sonisphere would be pretty rocking to play or SXSW

What is your favourite venue to perform in in the whole world?
I am sure we will have plenty more favourite places to play but, at the moment it’s the Diamond Rock Club in Northern Ireland.

Who or what first alerted you to the fact that you’d like to be a musician?
I used to listen to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Helloween and Manowar when I was about 12.  My older brother is a metal head and I think sharing a room together started my appetite for all things rock.

Who would win in a fight between a badger and a baboon? Why?
Badger, because baboons are annoying bastards and badgers seem hard as fuck…

Motley Crue or Nirvana?
Has to be Motley Crue, was never a big Nirvana fan…

A genie grants you 24 hours as a member of another band – who do you join?
Blackberry Smoke
, the boys know how to rock!!!

Are Cds a dead medium for music delivery?
I don’t think so there’s a market out there for people that still love having cd’s.

Any pre-show rituals you have to observe before going onstage?
Just drinking beer… but will have to knock that on the head because we are pretty serious these days!

What sort of music can you absolutely not abide?
I can’t have dance music, it has its place, but not for me…

Which of your songs would you like the cast of Glee to record?
Drink Beer, Destroy
… But they will have to wait til they are in college to blast out that bad boy…

What one item of non-musical equipment can you not do without on tour?
My laptop…

Can you do a Hospital Corner?
Evidently not, what is it?

Here’s one last chance to spruik your band/tour/album... What else should we know about it?
Trucker Diablo - Four hard working lads from Northern Ireland playing pure honest rock and roll, (Thin Lizzy frontman) Ricky Warwick makes an appearance on our debut album, The Devil Rhythm….We're hitting the states next year to lay waste to the west coast…Stop by and say hello, take a listen and make up your own mind, we would love to hear from you!