'Seeing Never Dead Being Released was exciting' - Chris Rand of Segression takes us through his 2011

Segression crashed back onto the Aussie scene in 2011. Chris Rand has a yarn about his annus mirabilis...

Chris, you yourself brought out a splendid album this year. Of the other stuff that came out , what was the best album you bought?
A Day to Remember- What Seperates Me From You

And what about the best album you’ve heard this year but never got round to buying?
Machine Head - Unto the Locust

That's the good stuff accounted for. What about the worst Album you bought this year?
Morbid Angel- Illud Divinium Insanus

And what about performance? Who were the best band you saw live in 2011?

Avenged Sevenfold

Most exciting event of the year for you?
Seeing Never Dead being released was exciting after us having such a long break.

If that got the juices flowing, what stopped them? Your most yawn-inducing event of 2011 was?

The announcement of the ARIA nominations.

What will you be drinking at Midnight on December 31 to see in 2012?
On stage at Venom nightclub in Sydney and a bottle of Jager.

And who is your tip to break out of the underground and into the general consciousness in 2012?

Not really sure.

So we've seen the best and worst of the past year. What does 2012 hold in store for you?

Working on the new Segression album, touring and some overseas shows.

And what is your Christmas message to the readers of Metal as Fuck?

Be safe & enjoy the time with your family and friends.