Djently does it... Periphery tells it like it is.

Two album releases in a year? That's just crazy talk...

In which Periphery mainman Misha Mansoor answers some MaF questions about the important stuff:

The band formed in 2005 but the debut album wasn't released until 2010; why so long?
"Most of the time between our original formation and album release was getting a solid line-up together and getting our debut album to be exactly what we wanted it to be so we took our time with everything and didn’t rush anything for the sake of it.”

The Icarus Lives EP has 9 tracks, almost an album by some bands standards, how come you didn't add a couple more tracks and release it as your second album?
"It was never intended to be its own album or entity. It was a supplemental album to the first one, mainly aimed at fans of the Self Titled who wanted a bit more. There wasn’t enough brand new material to be able to call it an album, and there was no point in trying to tack on a few more brand new songs just to be able to change what we originally wanted it to be. When we put out our next albums, they will only have brand new material!” 

How was the 2010 tour of Oz with Dillinger Escape Plan?
"It was a vacation to be perfectly honest, and a surreal experience. Australia was one of the best places to visit and tour in, and the Australian fans were so welcoming!  To add to that we were touring with one of our favourite bands of all time, it was such an amazing little tour!” 

Did you learn anything from them re playing live/going mental on tour etc ?
"We learned that no matter how hard you try, you will not put on a more energetic or crazy live show than they do (ha! ha!). They are on another level.” 

It’s true - anyone who has seen Dillinger live would probably agree with this...

How is work progressing on the new album? I heard a rumour it would be called Juggernaut, is that true? If not, what's the working title?
"We are actually working on two separate albums for next year. One regular album and one concept album. The working title for the concept album is indeed Juggernaut. We are writing a ton of material and, if anything, are having to narrow our track-list down to two albums. We want the focus to remain on quality and not on quantity despite the fact that two albums is more than most bands put out in one year.”

Regarding Bulb and the free downloads on Soundclick; are Sumerian Records pissed off that you give such a lot of music away for free?
"No, they don’t mind because Periphery is signed to them, not me as an artist nor any of my projects. If anything it just helps promote my projects like Periphery, and they are a very forward thinking label with a modern business model, so they understand!” 

I would strongly advise checking out Soundclick (Google it), it’s a great site for free tunes but beware – there’s some dodgy stuff on there...

Does your contract allow for such things (you said in a previous post that you wouldn't want a contract that was restrictive re artistic freedom to post for free etc) ?
"We have complete creative control. That’s not to say that our label and team aren’t allowed to make suggestions. We always try them out too - sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. But the beauty of it is, at the end of the day, it’s our choice to make so we can always feel that we are in full control of what we are putting out.”

Can you see the work of Bulb and Periphery as being interchangeable? Do you think metallers would get into a lot of the more 'out there' Bulb stuff?
"All the best Bulb stuff becomes Periphery so in that way they are interchangeable indeed. I am not really sure what metallers would get into, but that has never been something I worry about when I write. I just go for it, do what sounds good, and if people dig then that’s awesome!”

What artists are you listening to at the moment? Who would you recommend that fans go out and listen to?
"The Dear Hunter just put out their 9 Color Spectrum EP’s and I can’t get enough of them!  Also love the hell out of Karnivool, Devin Townsend, Telefon Tel Aviv and Jaga Jazzist! Oh, and I heard Hiromi put out a new album, and I LOVE her work.”

What are Periphery's tour plans for the next six months?
"The Sonisphere UK Festival and an Australian headlining tour in July, and a US headlining tour in September”

Would you say that Periphery fans are more open to new styles than your average metal-head?
"I would definitely hope so!”

And finally, at the behest of MaF curmudgeon Scott '1987' Adams, what does the word Djent mean to you?
"It’s an onomatopoeia for a heavily palm muted 4 string power chord.” Bugger! We were hoping to draw Periphery into a philosophical debate on the characteristics of Djent but we were out-smarted by their simple response...