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"Black Label is twenty years old now - thirty four more to go and we catch the Rolling Stones".


Finally, after many years, we get a solo album...

Local News

SOUNDWORKS DIRECT presents THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, ABORTED and ZEOLITE 'NIGHTBRINGERS' Australian Tour September 21 – 28, 2018 Local Supports Announced!

International News

ONCE HUMAN To Release New Live Album Stage Of Evolution On Sept 28 First Single, Flock Of Flesh available now


Carrie Gibson caught up with Eicca & Mikko during Apocalyptica's 2016 Australian tour


No events currently. Stay tuned!

Event Reviews

"...Well he had a giant sized boil on the side of his chin. the guy next to him couldn’t take it any longer and punched him in, you guessed it, his chin. Yes, it popped and I don’t know how many people the mess covered..."